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Submitting and browsing ringing records is quick and easy on BellBoard. The site also enables you to forward ringing performances for print publication in The Ringing World. We hope that you enjoy using BellBoard.

St George's Day - ring for it!

Today is St George’s Day and there is, once again, a Ringing for England campaign to get as many bells as possible ringing for the occasion at 6pm (or during the day). You can link your ringing to the diary event.

Bells on Sunday for Easter

The bells of St Mary the Virgin, Bathwick featured on BBC Radio 4 on Easter Sunday. The band ringing Double Norwich Court Bob Caters was specially recorded in February as a result of their winning bid in the BBC Children in Need auction.

RWNYC 2014

Entries are invited for the 2014 Ringing World National Youth Contest at Worcester on Saturday, 5th July. The closing date is Friday, 25th April — so please don’t delay!

Latest features

  • 1st Jan 2014: To help improve the quality of our data, it is now possible for logged-in users to flag duplicate performances. This is done using the new Flag dup. link displayed on each performance. We have also introduced a page for generating league tables of leading ringers.
  • 4th Sep 2013: In recent months a number of organisations have been asking The Ringing World to introduce advertising on BellBoard and as a result we will be doing so in early September. We hope that users of BellBoard do not find this intrusive and encourage everyone to support our advertisers.
  • 22nd Aug: Several new features have been added over the last few months. View all compositions that have been machine-proved, or use our online prover. For instructions click the ? icon. The Amend page has filters to find performances you have not sent for print. And when searching, a | can be used to denote alternatives.
  • 16th Jan: To celebrate the first anniversary of BellBoard's launch, a year ago today, we have created new pages showing all our featured performances, and the most-liked performances ever. There is also a new page where you can view statistics on where you (or another ringer) typically ring in the circle, whether you've circled your local tower, and so on.
  • 20th Dec 2012: You can now configure email alerts so that you receive notification by email whenever a performance matching your search criteria is submitted to BellBoard. Also, the order of search results can be configured by selecting Display advanced functionality.
  • 27th Nov: Search results and the list of newest performances are now paged, so that you can access more than just the first 200 or 100 results, respectively. Compositions are now being imported from Campanophile, including for all historical performances.
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