Cambridge University Guild
Cambridge, Cambs
St Andrew the Great
Saturday, 17 March 2012 in 2:50 (10-3-1)
5152 Spliced S Major (8m)
896 Cambridge, Pudsey and Superlative, 672 Rutland; 448 each Bristol, Lincolnshire, London, Yorkshire; 126 changes of method, all the work
1 Jillian E Galloway (New Hall)
2 Philip J Earis (Clare) (C)
3 Christopher H Rogers (Emmanuel)
4 Sarah Pike (Pembroke)
5 Jennifer E Earis (Clare)
6 Dickon R Love (St John's)
7 Mungo B Stacy (King's)
8 Robin O Hall (Sidney Sussex)
Rung on Guild Dinner Day.
A 30th birthday compliment to Jill Galloway
First spliced major: 4
This very neat pangbian badboy, featuring the mega-tittums course of Superlative, rung for the first time. A prize offered for the first person to spot the rather attractive numerical feature of the composition.

This performance is linked to the event Cambridge University Guild — Dinner Day.